Bass Fishing has been my passion since I was a child.

Largemouth Bass -

Cliff Van Kempen – Bass Fishing Ninja


I think we all remember our first. For me it was a solid smallmouth bass off our family dock in eastern Ontario. She blew up on my bait and I swear it was the fight of my life.

I liken the exhilaration of bass fishing to golf; you can be having the worst day ever and ready to quit the sport altogether. Then, you have that one beautiful shot, or the catch of a lifetime; that’s all it takes to keep you coming back over and over again.

The worst day of fishing is better than the best day of work

At some point I lost touch with my passion for fishing. I went to college, started my career, and there seemed to be very little motivation for me to get out and wet a line. That all changed at some point around my 30th birthday. My best friend was getting married, and we had a “Boys Weekend” up in a little town called Restoule. Upon our arrival at the cottage, my friend Scott and I decided that after unloading the cars, we should get right to the fishing.

It was a matter of minutes before, as luck would have it, I caught my first musky right off the shore. This was no trophy fish, but he fought hard and repeatedly leapt out of the water trying to spit my hook. Like that small musky, I was once again hooked.

Largemouth Bass at 2nd Tournament

The one good catch of our second bass fishing tournament.

I want you to avoid the mistakes I have made.

In my return to sport fishing, you could say I went berserk spending money on new gear. I had to have everything! There were so many styles, colours, and brands to choose from for everything from rods, reels, and line to every lure imaginable. I shudder at the thought of how much money I have spent over the years searching for the best of the best.

A few years ago, I started fishing more, and even participating in Bass Fishing Tournaments. In our first tournament, my co-angler and I caught everything but bass; we very nearly froze to death and even wound up stranded at one point.

Technology, particularly advances in fishing electronics and the Internet have really changed the way bass anglers share information. Lovers of the sport are far more likely  to share information and help those who are just learning the sport. For the most part, the days of closely guarded secrets are gone. We have really become a community of people who help each other, and encourage others to pick up the sport as well.

 How to be a Bass Fishing Ninja

Like I said, I want you to avoid making the same mistakes I have made. With this in mind, I am writing a comprehensive bass fishing strategy guide. This book will be available soon, and will be available from this website, and through major online publishers such as Apple and Amazon.

I will walk you through everything I know about Bass Fishing, from selecting the right rod and reel for the job, through to my personal recommendations on what to buy and what not to. All of my years of mistakes, and personal learnings are included in this book; you get all of my bass fishing knowledge at your fingertips!

But there is more to being a ninja. A true ninja must be one with their craft and with the environment. It is not enough to just enjoy the sport, you should always endeavor to share your love of fishing with others, teach those who want to learn, and never take more than you need. I firmly believe that we are all responsible to practice conservation of our natural resources.

Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy fresh caught fish as  much as the next guy. However, I also believe that you should never take a mature fish for the dinner table or as a trophy. The biggest fish are the best to re-populate your favorite waters with a future generation of trophy game fish. So please, let that big girl go; take a photo, take some measurements and have a replica mount made. Returning these exceptional fish back to the wild will result in bigger, stronger fish for generations to come.

You too can become a Bass Fishing Ninja!

Stay tuned, there is more to come…


Cliff Van Kempen – The Bass Fishing Ninja


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