Stay tuned for more information about The One More Cast Show!

I remember watching Bob Izumi’s Real Fishing Show every weekend as a kid, and always thought that having your own fishing show must be the best thing in the world. Well, I am a little bit older now, and that hasn’t changed.

The show should start filming this summer, with a pilot episode to release this year.

Those involved in the project want to bring a little something different than your run-of-the-mill fishing show. Each episode, we intend to bring you a fun and informative show with interesting people from all walks of life. The show will focus more on the people and the love of fishing; but we want to have a little fun with it too!

We will bring in special guests, friends and sponsors, and have them put their money where their mouths are in our on-the-water challenges. So, stay tuned for more information right here!

Are you an interesting person, sponsor, or brand? Do you have a great idea for an episode, or have a great name for the show? ¬†We wan’t to hear from you! Click Here


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