Let it marinate to catch big bass

Here is some serious advice from a guy who loves to catch big bass by flippin and pitchin skinny water: Let it marinate.

PowerTeam Lures Diesel Craw

PowerTeam Lures Diesel Craw in Delta Destroyer Pattern.

This can be applied to any finesse technique out there; wacky rigging, shaky head, weightless, texas rig, you name it. We are all too often in a big hurry to load the live well with bass, so much so that even on those slow fishing days we don’t really take the time in even those high percentage areas. If you fish often, and I don’t mean every day often, you probably have picked up on some patterns on your local lake.

You may not realize the pattern, but you have probably identified those go-to spots just by persistence and even dumb luck. The problem is, as soon as the bite slows down we assume the fish are gone. Well, some times when they are in a lazy mood they just need some time to consider the easy meal. Not every day can be that huge chase and reaction bite, so do what I say and let it marinate.

So, my recommendation to you is, look for those good spots. Let your intuition guide you and hit those spots you know are holding fish. Drop your bait in there, and let it sit, then maybe give it a little lift or shake. That’s the hard part; we are wired to shake things around and power fish by jumping from one spot to another. But, by pushing down those urges and letting your bait marinate for a while, you may end up finding you’re hooked up on the lift, you may see your line swim away, or you may just plain feel that fish finally take the bait.

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