A pike busting weedless spoon I recommend

So, I was fishing my local pond and not having a great deal of luck catching the little northern pikes infesting this spot; as a matter of fact, my good friend Justin put me to shame only few days before catching a few while I walked away empty handed.

This led me to researching some options for catching pike; a task most view as simple and often a nuisance while fishing for bass. For me, it was something that had just never come together.

After a quick read of one of my many books, some of which I will share with you another time, I headed out to a local spot to get some tackle.

I found this:

Title Shot Weedless Spoon

The best pike busting spoon I have ever tried.

The Title Shot Weedless Spoon by Fin Tech.


This little baby was all I needed to coax those toothy like northern’s out of hiding. However, I did notice a small flaw with this bait out of the box: The grub trailer, which sits on a post and you rig the hook into it, is made of super firm plastic. Upon hookset, it was soooooo weedless, that I was yanking the whole bait out of the pike’s mouth.

So, I had two options.

Change the trailer, or let the hook be exposed.

I decided to expose the hook, and this worked. Obviously, this made the spoon a little more prone to snags in the weedy mess I was fishing.

After a landing a couple of hammer handles, I didn’t have much of this durable plastic trailer left. I decided to rig it with a softer, and perhaps more forgiving trailer. I slapped on a Berkley Havoc Pit Boss and fired my spoon back out there. This turned out to be an excellent combination.

I expect you can load up whatever you like on this spoon and get results. What I love most about this bait is how truly weedless it is, the solid wobble it has when retrieved, and the trailer pin to hold your bait. Title shot makes shaky heads with this very same post, which rather than being rigid, collapses on a strike allowing a solid hook set.

One last note, check the point on this spoon. I am not sure if it was the bony gator mouth, or just a factory “oopsie” but I definitely had to hone the point to ensure good penetration.

Time to go… but remember, AnyPuddle, except the one you’re sitting in… That one is man-made…

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